My.CPD is a fully featured electronic portfolio system with social networking features to create online learning communities.

Demo. This site is part of a demo showcasing how multiple organizations with multiple LMSes can be networked through Learning Community Hub and ePortfolio site.

Learning Community Hub serves as a directory of courses from various institutions, and a node through which faculty from various institutions can network and collaborate on course development. 

An ePortfolio is an electronic collection of evidence managed by a learner, It supports reflective learning, professional development planning and shows a learning journey over time.  

How to login and test this ePortfolio? Learners can access ePortfolio through "their" institution. Therefore, to access this portfolio, please login or create anaccount at CPD.us/user-account/. As soon as you login, you will be redirected to CPD.us/moodle//my/. Look for the network servers block and click Home - My.CPD ePortfolio. 

I will be very thankful if you can send your comments and questions at vjeko@hlede.net.

For more information, you can read About  or alternatively please feel free to use the contact us form.

Thank you!



Develop your portfolio

Create your electronic portfolio in a flexible personal learning environment


Control your privacy

Share your achievements and development in a space you control


Find people and join groups

Engage with other people in discussion forums and collaborate with them in groups